Barn Conversion, Milden, Suffolk

A barn can be such a wonderful space, yet making the most of every square metre can be a tough job. When we took on this renovation project in Suffolk, we had a rough idea that it was going to be a challenging renovation job. However, a barn conversion can be a wonderful way to make a property feel even better, and we were intrigued by the challenge.



  • Wayne Mills has been the main contractor on two of our major projects over the past few years...his work is of a very high standard.
    He is reliable, a good communicator in discussion, accurate on pricing; keeping the client up-to-date at all times and on a regular basis.
    Wayne is an approachable workman and we cannot recommend him highly enough - we would most certainly use him in the future as we know we are in safe hands.

Every detail counts

From start until finish, we kept finding new ways to really utilise the space and improve the overall conditioning. The clients were delighted with the end result, as we took an old, under-used living space and transformed it from dated (and at parts dilapidated) into modern, meaningful, and mature. Indeed, our clients were so happy they actually crated a little booklet to run from start ‘til finish of the project, detailing the work done from day one until finalisation.

We are deeply proud of the work that we do, but we know that many times the job can require a personal touch. Drawn to the nature of this barn, we looked to follow the personal requirements of our clients. Paying attention to parts that needed modernising without ever removing the value of the barn conversion itself, we looked to make a project come to life that retained the richness of the old barn whilst ensuring it was simply better in every way. A wonderful project to be part of from start ‘til finish.

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