Wayne Mills Construction provides home structural repair services for residents throughout Suffolk and surrounding areas. Whether part of a larger renovation project or fixing an issue in your current home, it always helps to have a reliable company working on your residential structural repairs.

Properties of every age are susceptible to damage. Time and various other factors can cause all kinds of deterioration, which may go unchecked and develop into more serious structural issues.

Sometimes these are caused by a one-off accident, such as flooding or storm damage, with fast and efficient repairs essential for anyone experiencing damage to their home.

No matter the cause, we are here to help with all your structural repair needs.

Structural Damage Services

Structural damage covers a range of issues that impacts many homes. These often occur due to the age of the property, while things like extreme weather conditions and exposure to moisture can also cause significant damage.

We offer an extensive range of structural repair services that covers most common issues impacting properties. Our repair services for structural damage include:

Roof Repair

Due to their constant exposure to the elements, roofs are highly susceptible to structural damage. Most roofs have a life expectancy of about 20-30 years, after which they start to deteriorate and show signs of structural damage. Extreme conditions like a storm or a broken tree can also cause damage to a roof.

Our roof repair services cover common structural damage like sagging roof and roof leaks. Leaks are especially problematic as they lead to more serious internal structural damage throughout the property, so addressing the issue fast is vital.

Cracked Walls

While cracks appearing in plastered walls is not always serious, often just being damage to the plasterboard itself, some indicate more serious structural damage such as water ingress or issues with the foundations.

Walls with serious structural damage can be reinforced to ensure proper stability and no future damage, while a new finish is applied to restore the appearance back to normal.

Wall Tie Failure

This is a serious type of structural damage that occurs when cavity wall ties are compromised, causing walls to appear bulging, and in extreme cases completely collapsing.

As the wall ties keep the exterior and interior walls together, this is a serious issue that requires fast and effective repairs to ensure the wall doesn’t collapse, if it hasn’t already. Repairing this structural damage is much easier and cheaper than rebuilding an entire wall!

Damp Repairs

All kinds of structural damage are caused by exposure to moisture. Dry rot and wet rot are two major forms of structural damage, with dampness causing the timber inside the property to become damaged with rot.

As you can image, this can lead to severe structural damage, compromising the structural integrity of the property if left unchecked. We complete thorough surveys of property to determine the cause and extent of any damage caused by dampness in your property.

Other Structural Repair Services

Beyond these common structural repair services we also offer repairs for the following type of structural damage:

  • Stone, concrete, and brickwork
  • Woodworm
  • Warped Ceilings
  • Uneven Floors
  • Dry rot
  • Subsidence
  • Doors & Windows


  • What kind of structural repair can you provide?
    We offer bespoke structural repair, using our extensive team of professionals to handle anything from wall ties to over-beaming and lintel repairs. If you need help solving a structural issue, our team will find a way to deliver.
  • Can you fix masonry work?
    Yes, we can step in to fix masonry work when there is physical damage that has become visible. We can often find a solution to help make the walls look better, but also ensure that future damage is less visible and/or significant.
  • Will you evaluate the structural repair needs?
    Yes, if you are unsure about what could be the cause then we will send out an evaluation team to work out the reasons ourselves. This means that you can always find out what the cause of your structural issues are before work begins.
  • Can you work within historical buildings?
    Yes, we are happy to work on all historical buildings that we come across providing we feel like the project can be undertaken. Our team will take a closer look at the issues before in a free consultation to determine if we can work on the building you have chosen.
  • How long will structural repairs take (and cost)?
    The time and the cost of any structural repairs comes down to an evaluation. We need to look closely at the building, determine the intensity of the damage, and see where the structural issues are the most significant and severe.
    After a thorough evaluation, we can tell you in more detail about what we believe the best solution is to the problem, as well as our estimated cost.
  • Is your structural repair work guaranteed?
    Yes, we look to provide professional guarantees on all structural repair work so that you know the work is guaranteed to last for a specific length of time after we have finished, if not longer.

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