Wayne Mills Construction offer affordable and reliable barn conversion services throughout Suffolk and nearby areas.

Barn conversions are nothing new, with a decline in UK agriculture in the 1950s leading to many derelict barns that quickly fell into disrepair. Given the size of these barns and the potential increase in living space they offered, barn conversions became hugely poplar over the past 30-40 years.

Sadly, many of the conversions were low quality. A lack of strict planning rules meant that conversions retained little of the original architecture and construction, ruining the overall appearance to the point were new laws were introduced to help maintain the original quality of these old barns.

Today, barn conversions are completed to the highest possible standards. We meticulously plan every aspect of the barn conversion to ensure that the aesthetic and character of the original structure remains intact. With our help, you can convert your bran into a whole new living area fit for modern life while maintaining the unique aesthetic that makes the barn so appealing.

Advantages of a Barn Conversion

Given the size and scope of a barn conversion, many are unsure whether the project is worth the time and effort. While it is certainly not an easy undertaking, the fact remains that a barn conversion is an investment that pays off by adding significant value to the property.

Moreover, you benefit from a new living space that is designed to your exact requirements. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant conversion that turns it into a beautiful country cottage either, as you may want to turn the space into a modern amenity like a personal gym, home office, or recording studio.

No matter what you want to create from your converted barn, we are here to help your vision become a reality.

What to Expect from a WMC Barn Conversion?

We start every conversion project with a survey of the barn and a discussion about your goals from the conversion. This allows us to identify the type of conversion you need, including what rooms you wish to add and the overall style you want to achieve.

For many, capturing the traditional aesthetic of a barn while making it suitable for modern-day living is a popular option. Some want to completely renovate the barn, converting it from a dated structure to a contemporary living space with all the modern fixtures like underfloor heating, skylights, and brand-new kitchen.

Regardless, we are here to make sure you get exactly what you want from the barn conversion. Once we know what this is, we start the planning and design process, finishing off with the final construction.

Each tradesperson is an expert in their field, converting the barn from an old building into a modern living area. All aspects of the conversion are completed during the project, including plumbing, electrics, heating, plastering, flooring, and decorating.

Want a kitchen or bathroom fitted inside the barn conversion? We can do that too. No matter what you need from your barn conversion we have got you covered.


  • Will I need planning permission?
    The vast majority of barn conversions will require planning permission, yes. Should we feel during our consultation together that this has to be taken into account, we will do so and inform you of any planning permission needs that exist.
  • Can my barn be turned into multiple rooms?
    Typically, we are happy to look at just about any idea or theory that you have for the redevelopment and adjustment of your barn. Let us know what you are looking for, and our team will look to come up with a clear idea on what we can and cannot achieve.
  • Will you be able to fit power into my barn?
    Many barns will lie without power, and for modernisation purposes this can be a frustration. However, we can help you to get electricity and power fittings wired into the barn – just contact us to discuss this.
  • Is your work insured?
    All of our barn conversions come with insurance provided on behalf of our team, so that all craftsmanship and deposits made on the work are covered as part of our guarantee to you.
  • My barn is damaged – can you still convert it?
    Many times, renovation and conversion work on a barn will require significant structural work to help support the new changes. We will evaluate the barn thoroughly before anything else happens.
  • How much will a barn conversion cost?
    Like any other building or renovation project, the final price will come down to what you are looking to change, and the adjustments needed structurally. We will look to give you the best price estimate we can during our initial consultation.

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