Wayne Mills Construction offers reliable period property renovation or restoration services in Suffolk. There are millions of period properties still standing throughout the country, spanning various eras from Georgian to Victorian to Edwardian.

Period Property Services in Suffolk

Each era is defined by unique characteristics, from the overall architectural design to the colour of bricks and the style of windows. Because of their uniqueness, a careful approach is required to maintain, restore, and renovate period properties, ensuring these historic buildings remain for many years to come.

However, too many period properties are completed by unskilled tradespeople. Unfortunately, many period property renovation projects focus on budget, leading many to hire the cheapest available workers that may not have the necessary skills and knowledge to professionally restore the property.

Period Property Renovation and Restoration Experts

Wayne Mills Construction are experts at period property renovation and restoration. We have 35 years’ experience meticulously restoring period properties spanning various eras, from gorgeous Georgian property to historic graded buildings.

Our craftsmen have extensive experience restoring period properties from classic eras including Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, and Grade I and Grade II listed buildings in Suffolk and surrounding areas.

They know the unique requires necessary to restore these older buildings, which can be irreversibly damaged if left in the hands of unskilled and inexperienced workers. Using a blend of traditional skills with a modern sense of design, we ensure that the rich history of the property is maintained while making it fit for modern living.

We can restore old properties to make them liveable again, such as restoring an old country cottage or townhouse that has seen better days, while also offering complete renovations for period properties, making them suitable for modern day life.

No matter the condition of your period property, we guarantee the highest quality of work and a stress-free project. From design to construction, expect complete communication throughout every stage, while our courteous workers ensure there is minimal disruption to you and your neighbours.

Helping You Create the Perfect Period Property

Depending on your requirements, all aspects of the renovation are covered, including electrical, plumbing, plastering, painting, and decorating. We even offer extensions for period properties, so if are happy with your current period home and want to expand its size, we can help with this.

There is no project too small or large for us. If you only need some minor repairs then we are happy to complete them, taking the time and effort to maintain the high standards of the period property.

Period property repairs are common, with the age of the building causing natural decline. Timber is often in poor condition, be it from woodworm or damp, while windows, fireplaces, so we know the unique challenges these older properties face.


  • What is a Period Property?
    Period Properties are the name given to properties which were built during a specific time period, and therefore tend to follow particular architectural design that was in-vogue at the time.
  • Are Period Properties listed buildings?
    They can be, but there is no guarantee that Period Properties are listed buildings; many times, that is simply not the case. It will depend on the age and the significance of the building itself.
  • Can I modify Period Properties?
    What you can and cannot do is often as much down to the structure as any legal issues that need to be worked around. We will happily look this over with you during any consultation process.
  • How do I know if I own a Period Property?
    Typically, it will have a bespoke kind of name to the house such as Victorian, Georgian, or even Edwardian – these are often Period Properties as they hail from a very particular era of time.
  • Can I add value to my Period Property?
    Many times, visible structural damage or other limits can make it hard to get maximum value for such a beautiful property. We can look to make changes to modernise the property without losing its grandeur.
  • Is it possible to repair Period Properties?
    Yes, though it can be much harder to do on your own than it would be to do if you were working with professionals. We recommend that you contact us today if you have any issues at all with your Period Properties.  

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