Wayne Mills Construction provides extension and renovation services for contemporary and period properties throughout Suffolk and surrounding areas.

Our diverse team of builders have extensive experience completing renovations to properties old and new, giving it a new lease of life by expanding the size and layout through an extension.

Why an Extension?

Extensions are an excellent choice for homeowners in Suffolk looking for more space. Whether you want an additional bedroom, more space for your kitchen, or to create a new home office, a home extension is the perfect solution.

Moreover, a new home extension is a worthwhile investment for your property. By adding a new space you are increasing the overall size of the property, meaning you can expect an increase in property value upon completion.

In many cases, the cost of the extension pays for itself should you eventually sell the property. Those with no intention of selling any time soon can simply enjoy a larger space in their property that is designed exactly how they want it.

Reliable Extension Services in Suffolk

Unsurprisingly, a home extension is a large project to undertake, as adding a completely new section to your home requires a lot of skill and planning. Designers and architects need to create the plans, then various tradespeople are needed to build the extension and finish it off with decorating.

Simply put, it is a huge effort to add a new extension to your house, which is why you want a reliable construction firm to ensure that the project goes off without any problems. We offer exactly that, as our team has extensive experience creating extensions for properties from various eras, from recent new builds to classic period properties.

They have the knowledge and experienced needed to get the job done on time and to the highest standards. Communication is key for this, as we understand the importance of your input throughout the various stages of the project.

What to Expect from a WMC Extension or Conversion?

We undertake the entire scope of the extension project, meaning fewer things for you to worry about. We’ll get all the necessary planning permission and paperwork organised before any construction begins.

While you may have an idea of what you want from the extension, we will help bring this vision to life. We design the new space to your exact requirements, and if there are no specifications in mind, we will make the best recommendations based on our own experiences.

Once the construction is ready to begin, we assign appropriate tradesmen for each aspect of the project. This includes creating the foundations, brickwork, carpentry, plumbing, flooring, electrical, tiling, glazing, and decorating.

There is little you need to do once the project starts, and we make sure to stick to strict deadlines to ensure the completion of work on schedule. This is big project for your home and we want to cause minimal disruption whenever possible.


  • Will I need planning permission for my extension?
    While it is not always recommended, the vast majority of property extensions will require some form of planning permission. We can assess the ideas you have, though, and determine if planning permission will be required.
  • How long does a home extension take?
    This comes down to the individual project and the various requirements that exist within the project itself. There is not cut and dried extension deadline or timeframe; from planning to gaining permission to materials to actual building, the timeline varies. We will, though, give you as much detail as we can prior to agreement.
  • Do you provide any guarantees?
    We provide what is known as an Insurance Backed Guarantee; this covers all deposits made but also for the craftsmanship of the work – this gives you peace of mind that your property is built to safe, professional standard guaranteed every time.
  • How much value can a home extension add to my property?
    This really does depend on what was changed versus what was present beforehand. During our evaluation, we will look to give you a rough estimate on what we believe any extension(s) could do to your home value.
  • I am unsure about the process for my home extension – what should I do?
    Whenever you have any questions at all about an open project with us, feel free to contact us. Even if we have yet to initiate your project, if you have any queries you should not hold back in asking us for any information you might need.
  • How can I stay updated on the progress of my home extension?
    Our team look to keep you updated throughout with regular, transparent meetings to showcase the extension progress.
  • Will every member of the project need to be present for each meeting?
    As the project goes forward, it is likely we will need some meetings together to discuss what is going on with the project. At this point, we would recommend that everyone involved in the extension is present to make key decisions.

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