Cottage Renovation, Suffolk

Working on Period Properties is a passion project for our team. As passionate builders and developers, we love to try and bring in a touch of new to mix in with the old. However, one thing we focus on heavily when it comes to development is the creation of period-specific changes that never step on the toes of anyone. This means creating a project that focused on a meaningful overhaul without removing the original character and charisma of the cottage itself.


  • Wayne Mills work from start too completion is fantastic, we cannot recommend him and his team highly enough.
    Mr Smith

The overall project involved taking a lot of time to learn the history of the home, and kind of aesthetics that fit this period. When working on a Period Property, our team focuses heavily on making sure we are faithful to the era whilst adding in modernisations that can only make the whole property looks better and feel grander. It’s these little touches of detail and attention that we believe make the difference in our work.

As we worked on the property with its owner, we look to achieve smaller but significant finishing touches. This would improve the structural strength of the home whilst bringing back to life the little touches and accents which make a Period Property such a beautiful thing to look at and be a part of.

If you are the owner of a period property and want it brought back up to scratch, let us know. We can retain faithfulness to the original idea whilst bringing your property up to 21st Century standards.


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