For homeowners in Sudbury Suffolk, whatever type of property you buy, from a new build apartment to a period cottage, there’s more than likely going to come a time when you need to find a local builder. Whether it’s a small repair job, to a large-scale renovation or extension, when you own your own home, it’s inevitable that at some point you will need to do some work on it.  

Unless you either know a local building company personally or have had work done previously, the first port of call is knowing who to contact. This is especially prevalent in Suffolk in 2022. As a county, we’ve had a large influx of new people moving into the area post lockdown, with many families now able to move further out into the Suffolk countryside, from Essex and London. One of the reasons being, the longer commutes into the capital have become less of a burden, with so many more companies now open to flexible working 

So, for whatever reason it may be, there are lots of Suffolk homeowners who simply don’t have the local contacts for tradespeople in their area. Therefore, we thought we would share our knowledge as local builders in Sudbury Suffolk, on factors we’d advise considering when looking for a company to come and do some work on your home:  

Here are our three top tips on choosing a builder in Sudbury:  

1. Do your Research

When something needs doing urgently, it’s tempting to simply do a quick google search of builders in Sudbury and call up the first company you see and recognise. However, before engaging with a building company, there are some key things you need to consider.  The first is do they come personally recommended, if not have a look for some online reviews. Google itself is a great place to start. You don’t need to find many and actually you’ll often find that very small businesses, however well-established may only have a few google reviews, but what those reviews say about a company is worth knowing. Another good place to look is social media. This is often a place people are more likely to share an honest opinion of a company too, so it’s worth looking on their Facebook, Instagram and twitter business pages. This should also give you the opportunity to see some examples of their work. Again, social media profiles are often more up to date than a website, at showing examples of recent work completed in the area.  

2. Get Three Quotes 

Next up is getting a quote. Even though we are builders ourselves, we would always advise speaking to a couple of companies, especially when you are embarking on a big project. That way you can get a good indication of how the cost and scale of the work compares. Here at Wayne Mills we are always happy to provide a no obligation quote for jobs in Sudbury and wider afield throughout Suffolk.  

3. Consider Your Budget 

This is key – It sounds obvious, but we are not just talking about asking for a price – it’s always worth remembering the other price factors involved. If it’s a big project over a period of time, there can often be additional costs that crop up. Adding on 10 percent extra, if you can, is a good idea. There can also be other smaller unexpected costs to think about too. Such as redecoration or new furniture if you are having an extension for example. Its good to be prepared, so then you can make realistic decisions with regards the size and scale of a project.  

If you are considering having some building work done on your home – get in touch to see how we can help 

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