What are the COVID Precautions in place at Wayne Mills Construction?

As a company that works within the renovation industry, we have grown increasingly used to dealing with COVID-19. In an industry that requires so much co-operation and teamwork, though, we know that it can be hard to ‘stick to the rules’ – however, that is no excuse. That is why, at Wayne Mills Construction, we have put in place as many precautions as we can.

Our #1 priority is to keep our team and our clientele safe. This means that we pay attention to your need for safety during the construction and renovation process. We keep you out of harms way when we’re hammering and drilling away, and your health remains our primary concern away from the actual work. So, what are we doing to try and get ahead of COVID-19?

Social distanced staff

While our teams often need to work in cramped and tight areas, we have come up with rotational schemes that allows staff to work in proper social distanced manners. This means that our team can still get the job done, without the risking risk of infection.

By planning out when our staff head to each section of the job, we ensure that you can get a properly social distanced building experience that reduces any workplace hazards.

Better workplace communications

Though we believe that our in-house communications are first-rate, we have improved them even further. This allows our teams to always plan around each other and around you, so that nobody is needlessly in the way of one another. Now, you can get on with your day without having to worry about putting yourself, or anyone else, at risk.

We communicate clearly so that nobody ever has to put themselves in any chance of needless risk.

Masks provided for all

All of our staff come to work with masks which allow them to breathe comfortably. We are used to working in environments with plenty of dust, debris, and sawdust, so wearing masks is nothing new to our team. However, we use quality, proven masks which help to make sure that the risk of any contamination is minimised completely.

Open, friendly contact

Since we might not be able to be on the job at the same time as you, we know that you might feel as if questions are going to go unanswered. That, though, is not the case at all. Our team are open more than ever to communication e-mail, and phone communication.

Normally, you could come and speak to us in-house and in-person. To help keep everyone safe, we recommend you contact us through our expanded and improved online support system.

Got any questions about how we are handling COVID-19 at Wayne Mills Construction? Then contact us today! We will be more than happy to give you the full details of our system to keep you and everyone else safe during our interactions.

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