When we were first asked to get involved with this project in Glemsford, Suffolk, we knew there would be some immediate challenges. This wrap-around extension project was required to help turn around a property that simply did not provide the owners with what they required. A previous, smaller, extension was included but it was unable to provide the owners with a large-enough kitchen space to work with effectively. So, we were asked to come in and carry out a full extension that would deliver a wrap-around extension, offering more space and opportunity.

The aim was simple – to offer a larger, more comfortable living space that would provide a larger kitchen and diner space. The idea was also to ensure that the open living space was capable of being used for entertainment whilst also ensuring that it opened up into their large landscaped garden.

One aspect of the property we immediately noticed was the height vaulted ceiling. This added another logistical challenge, though one that we relished. It provided the rooms with great natural light flooding in from the velux roof and the bi-fold door. This helped to add natural light and energy to the room, and the large height helped to ensure that the rooms felt even more spacious than before.

On top of this was the provision of a utility room space, that would remove clutter from elsewhere in the home whilst focusing where all of the major parts of the project would be stored. This delivered a comfortable living environment and a great space that also got major utilities out of the kitchen, reducing that feeling of cramped design and tightness.

This also included a second sink for washing with the extra space, adding extra efficiency into the entire project.


  • Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
    Wayne built a "wrap round" style extension for us. This comprised a new kitchen/ diner, moving a toilet and remodelling a boot room. He also rebuilt an existing porch.
    We have never done anything like this before and were a little apprehensive but there was no need for concern; Wayne's experience was invaluable. He was knowledgeable and supportive and always seemed to be one step ahead in anticipating our needs and requirements. For example he fitted a small temporary kitchen which meant that at no time.were we without electricity or plumbing.
    His team of sub-contractors was always polite, helpful and worked hard. Progress mirrored the timetable Wayne had given us and the various trades all worked well together.
    We are very pleased with the final result and the way in which was achieved.

    Lynne Saunders
    Glemsford, Suffolk

How the project came together

Like any other extension project that we work on, we look to stick to the agreed plan with the owners of the property. However, with vast experience in the industry we also know that we should offer more insight and utilise our expertise. So, we looked to make suggestions throughout, deviating from some of the design plans and the materials that would be used. For example, we switched the roofing tiles from the previous agreement because it helped to offer a different aesthetic finish whilst saving the client money in the long run.

On top of that, we look to always make recommendations on small cosmetic changes that could help to add more space or improve the aesthetics in the end. When working with our clients, we always look to ensure that there is a clear agreement on everything being done. While we always stick to the agreed plan, we do look to use our insight and initiative to come up with plans that could keep things moving forward successfully.

This extension required some adjustment mid-built, but it was the kind of challenge that we had anticipated beforehand. In the end, we created a thorough and detailed end result that the client was very happy with, adding the extra space that they craved at the beginning of our work together.

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